Koopa’s Testimonials

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“Koopa’s painting arrived today. It’s a terrific abstract!!!!  The web site pictures didn’t do it justice. A painting done by a turtle, who would have thought. It will have a special place in my extensive turtle collection. Many thanks Koopa and Kira.”

-Tom, Michigan

“Untitled #1”

“We just got the fantastic painting and love it!  The colors and texture are fantastic and Koopa’s scratches are really something special.  The packing worked great and thank you so much for the certificate as well.  I hope many others discover your work soon!”

-Lesley, Oregon

“Untitled #2”

“Thanks again for the painting!  Also thanks for your attention to detail, the wrapping was great.  I left positive feedback for you on Ebay, and will also look into your website as well.”

-Nick, Minnesota

“Untitled #3”

“I LOVE the painting!  I had seen the photo of the painting on your website, but I was not prepared for the vividness of the colors!  I am a lover of abstract paintings with vibrant hues, and I was attracted to this piece not knowing who (or what) the artist was. Then when I read on, I was delighted to find that a human/turtle collaboration produced this painting!   
You and Koopa have a wonderful thing going; Koopa shows off his artistic talent (with your assistance, of course), a proud art lover hangs the masterpiece in a prominent place (and has a wonderful story to tell, too!), and a portion of the proceeds is diverted to charities.  It’s a win-win situation!  I am honored to be the owner of a Koopa original!”

-Kelly, Georgia

“Untitled #4”

“I recently received Koopa’s painting and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with his artistic skills. It’s a truly unique piece and complements my decor very well! I’ve had the painting up for a week and already it’s become quite the conversation piece. At first, nobody seems to believe that this masterpiece could be the work of Koopa the turtle! I also wanted to thank you for including the supporting documentation so I can prove to my friends that I’m not a complete nutcase. I think Koopa will definitely be considered a pioneer in modern abstract art. Best of luck to you and Koopa!”

-Tom, Connecticut

“Untitled #5”

“I received Koopa’s painting today and just love it!  It goes nicely in my office – will be on the lookout for any of Koopa’s future work!  Thanks again!”

-Stacey, Missouri

“Untitled #6”

“I just wanted to let you know I received my Koopa painting on Wednesday.  I love it!  I have already bid on another one and I look forward to more.  Koopa is very talented, and I have found people are fascinated by his work.  When I saw #7 on eBay, I first admired the work, then when I found out about Koopa I was hooked.  The colors are wonderful, and the texture and mixture are excellent.  I received my art quickly and in pristine condition.  I have it hanging in my bedroom, it looks great!  Thank you Koopa and Kira.”

-Kristen, Missouri

“Untitled #7”

“I saw your website and had to throw comments for the painting in so that people who go to the site will know how wonderful and artistic human and animal art from you and Koopa is. I could not be more pleased with this piece and hope to add more to my new house.”

Zach, Virginia