Kira Ayn Varszegi

I’m a well-documented web-based artist/photographer, best known for my fine art breast paintings and past collaborative projects with Koopa the turtle (now retired from painting.) 

I’ve been creating breast paintings since 2001. I’m the first internet-based professional to treat the method as fine art rather than a novelty/fundraiser/fetish/publicity scheme.

I enjoy life’s gray areas & working with nontraditional methods and mediums. I paint with various body parts, wind-up toys, remote-controlled vehicles, fruits & vegetables, and occasionally brushes & palette knives.

Familiar mediums include oil, acrylic, tempera, gouache, crayons, cocoa, coffee, red wine, strawberries/cherries/blueberries and melted chocolate. 

All of my works are well-documented and legibly titled, signed, and dated on the reverse. I treat my art as an investment and I hope you will too.

Much of my work is the result of experimentation with elements, heat, time, gravity & acceleration. My photography is varied – flora and fauna, industrial, macro, extended exposure, B & W and/or digitally manipulated. I enjoy the challenge of making a “boring” photo more dramatic or interesting via photoediting. 

My main skills are in color mixology, macro photography, long-exposure photography, digital photo enhancement, restoration and/or manipulation.

I always strive to stay as uninfluenced as possible, whether I’m working on a painting or composing a photo. Most of my photography is posted on my blog.

I’ve loved painting since preschool, I’ve had an affinity for photography since elementary school, and I’ve been crafting jewelry high school. 

I also enjoy video editing, although I’m by no means a pro.  I use basic features to make dumb little clips like this one: